Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We finally have a due date of March,09,2010! So baby Morris is on it's way. It was such an awesome moment holding Matt's hand when he saw his 1st baby for the 1st time. Seeing that little heart flutter never gets old, but seeing Matt's face was to die for! So THIS.....is our little...SHRIMP. Well...come on..it looks rather SHRIMP-esq at this point..haha

The Dr. would like to keep a close eye on both the baby. The heart rate was lower than they would like so we get to see our baby on ultrasound quiet often...eh...looking for the positive!


Darla said...

Now that is a cute shrimp. I am so excited for you and Matt. This is horrible to say, but I hope you feel sick a lot for a long time. LOL cuz then you know your still prego.

TimandBecckaMarley said...

Hey Rachel. Man I hope you remember me! We went to school together (Rebecca Peyton..well now Marley). Anyway I couldnt sleep and was looking on Darlas blog and saw your name. And had to go check out your blog. Congrats on the baby!!! You look awesome!! I have a blog too if you wanna go look. timandbecckamarley.blogspot.com Anyway...take care and take it easy!!