Friday, July 3, 2009

Farsar's day??

I'm a little late posting's been a busy week and frankly I've been a total scatter brain! We had a fun Father's day, the kids helped make breakfast in bed for Matt...well, breakfast on an air mattress, with Styrofoam plate! So classy! One of Matt's Father's day gifts was a new puppy . Puppy fever took over! Her name is Sasha, and she's a wiemeriener! She's 12 weeks old and ADORABLE!!! She and Cupcake wear each other out! We have two very high energy breed dogs and BOTH are exhausted by the lunch because they have each other to bounce off the walls with! Then later that afternoon we BBQ'd some AWESOME pork Chops! We still didn't have any furniture so we were really limited on what we could do at home other than watching tv together and playing with It was a great day celebrating and GREAT FATHER! I love you so much Matt, you are really a wonderful man to the kids and I! We love you!!!!!!!

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