Sunday, July 5, 2009

~!!!Happy Independance Day!!!~

Before we get started you have to enjoy this video of Matthew's AMAZING Bowling dance! Oh yes! You are no match for his Kung Fu! If you are wondering what he's saying he said "chickens jackin my style, copy my swagggggggggg" LMAO...ya thats my kid!

Yesterday was the 4th and as a family we decided to try and brave the afternoon heat and go to Freedom Fest here on post. We had to park at the hospital and be bused in. Pretty much as soon as we got off the bus and his the grounds we were all DIEING and I was literally counting down how long we needed to stay to make it worth while before I could beg to go back to my A.C.! My sweet husband and I forgot to take cash..durrr, as if the vendors would have a debit card machine, so he walked about half a mile and back to the Shoppette and get cash to have on hand while the kids and I hid under the tents to have shade. It was LITERALLY 107 outside and that's without the heat index so we didn't stay very long. Even with lemonades, shaved ice and water Myself and the kids were all beet red in the face and I was really light headed and shaking, so we caved and headed back for the buses after 2 and a half hours or so. We missed seeing Clint Black in concert and being there up close for the fire works. We came home and cooled off, ordered pizza and then after dark went out again to the front yard this time (arms reach from the and lit sparklers from Nana and Grandaddy, and watched the fire works from the yard.

Also I have AWESOME parenting skills and had to take pictures of the kids climbing the light post and then yelled at them telling them to NEVER EVER do it again.. HAHAHA! I had to add it because Michael said ..."Hey Mom, Look, it's a KID-KABOB!!" hahaha!
And last but not least yet another video of Matthew, singing Boom Boom Pow, them chickens jackin my style they try to copy my swagga, im on that next now, and Happy 4th of July instead of YO lol what a little turd, but he's MY


The Bunnell Fam said...

Super fun Fourth! Looks like you had a blast! I am also so excited for you . I hope you have a great pregnancy! You look so beautiful and I am loving the reddish streak in your hair!

~Our Rockabilly Life~ said...

it's actualy hot hot pink.