Friday, July 3, 2009

Late Father's Day Surprise.....we're PrEgNaNt??!?!?

Why yes....We are! And Yes I am even more surprised than you are! lol. Evidently...I am now literally REPEALING all forms of birth control, including IUD's. Which I supposedly still had up until evidently...lately! HAHA!

I've been feeling rather...scatter brained and moody, far more than normal, and my puppy fever as you can see is now a BLARING signal for BABY fever...But still this didn't dawn on me. I was still having a cycle and didn't even THINK about checking. On Tuesday when my cycle was a whopping 4 hours late I dug around under the sink and found a REALLY old pregnancy test from YEARS ago! It was unpacked with all my other random nonsense when the movers brought our things last weekend. So for fun I peed on the magic, la,la, off around the house to do so on and so forth forgetting about said test until later. Walk back into the bathroom passing the test, look down and think...."nu uh!" I immediately called a GF.

me: " faint does the second line have to be to be positive??!??!?!"
Carol: "HAHAHA, hunny if you can see the line at're pregnant! Congratulations!!"
Me: "'ll call you later after I talk to Matt..haahaa"

So then begins the frantic search under the sink for a second test I am SURE is there from way back when... since this old as dust test CAN NOT be right! AH HAA! Now to find more pee.....<-------downs half a gallon of water and cleans house hoping to pee.......PEE........Test......HOLY!!!!! WHATT!!!!!! Photobucket

So sit and breath for a moment and think...Well I have to come up with a cute and clever way to tell Matt, seeing as this will be his 1st biological child. We ran to Lowes, bought him a tool set, and came home. I wrapped the tests and wrote "happy late Father's day" on it and put it in the tool case. Since we are down to one car I had to go pick him up from work, all the way home the kids were bursting to tell him "the secret" (which all they knew was I bought him a tool kit) so they blabbed as I knew they would and I said "I have another surprise in it, it's something you've REALLY REALLY REALLY always wanted"....Matt says .." Can I use it?" "Oh yes...for YEARS" lol ...then he starts begging to know. He knows I am a huge sucker and when it comes to good surprises I CAN NOT keep them. I KEPT IT!(the video is so bad because I originally recorded it with my cell phone, it was too big to send to my email so I used my camera to record my cell phones video...sorry...)
As you can see.....
He was REALLY excited. Afterwards we did the...."but how" WE also didn't quiet believe the tests and went and bought a few more...YUP. I'd say 7 positives clenches it! We are pregnant! lol
The next day I went in and got a blood test to confirm it, and by Thursday morning at 6:45 am I was woken up by a phone call from the OB clinic on base, the Dr. wanted me in ASAP that morning to find out A) if my IUD was still in there some where...and B) talk about my AWESOME health history. While at the Dr.s we had an ultrasound to look for the missing IUD and the tech couldn't see it. That wasn't the ONLY thing she didn't see. She couldn't see the baby at all. 45 mins of fishing around my nether bits and nothing! So the dr gave us a grim little talk. We had 3 possibilities for why there was no baby seen. A) the pregnancy is Ectopic (tubal) and would have to be dealt with surgically. B) we had already miscarried and were still popping positive or C) We were so newly pregnant that the fetus is too small to be seen at all. We went for another blood test to confirm my hormone levels. 50 or below means miscarriage, 2000 or higher and ectopic. In between and we have to wait and be tested next Tuesday to find out if my hormone levels are rising or falling. Rising means obviously we are still carrying a baby and falling means we have or are miscarrying a baby. So we had a few really tense hours Thursday where my hormone levels got the best of me and we cried for a while. The dr's office did call ruling out Ectopic pregnancy thankfully! So we went from a 1/3 chance to now a 50/50% chance. We will know Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week.. so cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers. We really need it. Love you all!!!


Adonia Arriola said...

You two are in my prayers. Take Care. Luv ya bunches!

The Calder Family said...

I hope that everything is going okay, that would be quite the roller coaster of emotions for anyone!! Good luck!

Rivka said...

Okay, I'm officially freaking out now! I have an IUD (which I love) and I always get a little paranoid when I start feeling strange (like this week). You're my third friend to get pregnant with an IUD in....yikes!

I may have to toss a test or two in the cart next time I go shopping. Just for that 'negative outcome' peace of mind. Right?

Darla said...

Oh Rach that is awesome, but scary. I hope everything turns out okay. I will keep you in our prayers. Keep us posted.