Thursday, October 2, 2008

trip to tucson

We had so much fun yesterday, and the boys had been really behaving, and attempting to do all of the things they should be, that Matt and I decided on a wild hair, to sneak the boys out of school about an hour early and run off to Tucson (about an hour and a half away) to the large Mall where they have a great play place and a large movie theater. So we took them to see IGOR...which...was not so bueno...sorry for all you Mommies who wanted to take your kids to a cute halloween movie......personaly I have an issue with little kids watching a suicidal bunny who can not die, commit suicide over and over and over with poisons, guns, explosives, knives and what not through out the film. It does have a very dark feel and has a few places where a smaller child...under about 6 may really get scared, and there is a LOT and I mean a LOT of sexual innuendo's and come on folks, we all know my standards on these kinds of movies are really open minded. Both Matt and I were ready to gnaw off a limb before it was over, the kids even said they didn't really enjoy it all that much, and when you add the Pro evil and what not it just wasn't my favorite kids sooooooooooooooo....anyways, it was mildly entertaining and I won't run screaming if I'm forced to watch it again, however, I likely won't buy it, and I buy EVERY
After the movie we headed to the play place only to realize Mikey and Cody are now too old and large to play so they sat.....rather squireled around for a good 30 mins while Matty played, and before we left the mall we got to do some window shopping and those fun photo booth stripes which actucaly printed, and when folded and taped it makes a photo cube, so cute! Then off home for a really late night McDonalds dinner and was a really fun fun after noon. I love having kids who's grades and attendance is good enough you can do something like sneaking them out of school once in a great while to show them "Hey good job!!" . Cody has read over 23 books in September at home alone, and I know they read a good 20-30 minutes a day at school as it is. Mikey reads non stop so I can't keep up with how many books he read last month. Yay for fantastic kids, and a man who is just as spontanious as I am! Woohooo!
In the pictures the kids were having got in the car and with music going and what not they started drifting off when Matt whipped out the the dinosaur is randomly outside the mcdonalds at the hwy junction and each time we have moved here we have wanted to take a picture with it, and FINALLY we stopped there, Matt and the boys got out, but a tired mommy and Matthew stayed in the

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The Bunnell Fam said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait to try your recipe below too! I love southwestern egg rolls and get them every time at Chile's. So now maybe I can just make them!! Love ya