Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I love family days! MAN I do! I love those days where it's chilly and raining and you can just SMELL fall in the air............................ mmm. I love Autumn.

On Saturday, which as EVERYONE knows, is college football game day...lol....we woke up and turned on the OU vs Texas game, so the boys could watch their Daddies fav football team while they had their weekly video conference with Dad. By the time he was done talking to them, it was pouring rain, and the game was REALLY going and we were all watching and cheering, it was so fun. After the game we ate lunch and played Settlers or Cattan as a family, while Matthew and his little helper hands were taking a nice little nap. After that while I was starting Dinner ( baked chicken thighs, steamed rice, and broccoli and bread sticks...mmm) Matt was teaching the boys about HIS favorite team , the Florida Gators, and about how to truly be a "Gator's Fan" , how to do the GATOR CHOMP and yell GATOR BAIT! the kids ATE IT UP! Matt was wearing his "Gator Gear" all day, so of course by half time all THREE of my boys were begging to wear his other jersey's and Matty got to wear one of Matt's Gator t shirts..lol..it was SO cute!!!!! By the time the game was over Mikey and Cody were in bed reading (cody is reading treasure island! wow...and Mikey is reading another Harry Potter) and Matthew was just dead tired after all the rough houseing and cheering all day, and crashed! It was a LOVELY Fall day! mmmm!

I heart football. I heart family day's. I heart my boys. I heart a clean house, board games, and crispy fall days!

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The Bunnell Fam said...

I Heart football too! But sorry our fav team is the Seattle Seahawks! I am not really into the college football! And your puppy is so cute. Great option, you won't get sick like you would having a child, or gain the weight...maybe I should choose puppies too! HA!