Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CUPCAKE....the puppy...lol

I am currently suffering from a wicked case of baby fever....I blame you...Coon Clan! All of you having babies right left and posting adorable pictures of your newborns all over your blogs! lol...its like waving crack in front of an addict who is detoxing, or a new credit card in front of a shop-a-holic! lol.......jk.. it's not really all your fault, all though I do have to say if all your kids weren't so fantastically adorable it might not make one crave another ever so! lol

When I get baby fever a puppy really does seem to be the safest and soundest way to get that itch scratched..lol. So Matt and I had been looking online for puppies, at first we really liked English Bulldogs, but holy $ batman! Then I thought perhaps a smaller dog, and Matt is not a fan, so we went with a medium breed that we knew our apartment complex would actually allow, and the biggest we can have here is a boxer. So we searched and searched and man...even rescue dogs were going to cost $300 and we would have to drive a good hour and a half. So we sort of gave up and thought, if we come across one we will know we are meant to have it...lol

Sunday afternoon, I'm feeling very lazy and decide that.....frankly we need to get out, go to the local park, play football or let the kids run and what not but that we need to stop at Wally world and grab ANOTHER nerf football, as we have already demolished the one we got 3 weeks ago ( I am so lucky I have a man who gets out there and plays football with the boys almost daily!) We pull in and BLAMO......four suv's chock full of.....puppies......and of course....magicaly....boxer puppies...white boxers none the less, and I have been looking for one, (hopefully one whose hearing and vision are fine, as some all whites can have a much higher chance of deafness or blindness). We had to pull over or course, and just let Matt hop out and...price them, see if they are astronomically high or budget puppies...lol.....he grins....and waves at me..which I knew then and there......we were headed home with a puppy..lol

We held a few of them and checked them out, and man or man this one just said "Take me home!!!!" .....................so I had to!!!!

We named her Cupcake. lol..ya I know...uber girly...but ummmmmmmm excuse me....I have a house with 4...count em four men/boys. lol...there's A LOT of football, trucks, wrestling, and other testosterone rich sports and toys of the like. I need some estrogen! I get pink pink pink ! I get to say uber gay things like baby girl, and cuppiecake and so forth! so YAY me and a girl doggie and a BF who HATES the name but loves the dog so he just smiles and nods....lol... woohooo...hahaha. My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her! Matthew is a tad jealous of her being held nonstop so he is now a puppy too and wants to be leashed so I can walk him around the house, so I'm making sure to give him some extra loving. Mikey is our resident puppy care giver, and frankly is "too" helpfull..lol..Cody just likes to walk by, pet on her, and giggle at her antics for the most part.

Don't tell, but Matt, omg ...what a LOVER on this puppy! He baby talks her, kisses on her, spoils her, and gets this proud papa glazed over eye look when he looks at her all snuggled on his lap or when she licks his nose. He even wanted her little basket on his side of the bed 1st night home..I have to sneak her off to get to love on her..lol...it's so cute.

Some of you may be asking what happened my to my great dane Jupiter, and for those of you who don't know, we had to give him away. Back in January-march he became very aggressive, and had some big biting problems, I kept taking him to the vet and a pet trainer/ behaviorist to work it out, but the vet said Jupiter seemed intent on biting only Matthew and my brother Dan, and to scare his wife Manda every time she tried to come up the stairs. We had no idea why, as I had taken him to almost a full years worth of puppy training classes and he was the STAR pupil. the only thing we needed to work on was how excited he got when people came to the door, he would go nuts and have the hardest time sitting until they were in the house. Even after having him neutered the issues increased not decreased. He started shredding Matty's toys, and snarling if one of the kids went near him to try and retrieve their loved on stuffed animal. He had actually bitten Cody and Danny REALLY hard a few times and we were working on his training on it, when one afternoon, Matthew who wasn't yet 3, was darting under Jupiter's chest as he walked, back and forth and giggling, Jupiter SNAPPED down , grabbed Matthew around his neck and shook him round over and over like a rag doll, and snarling and growling at him, Matthew was FREAKING out! and Rightly so, Jupiter drew blood in a few places. I grabbed him by the collar and put him outside until I could calm down and had taken care of Matty, I put them both in the car, and went straight to the vet. My vets' Tech had commented on how amazing a Dog Jupiter was OVER AND OVER and had mentioned that if his aggressiveness didn't settle down she would love to adopt him, as she has no small kids, and 4 other large breed dogs that are like a pack and would easily put him in his place. I bawled for hours when she took him, but ....hello!!! My baby, my kids, their home and safety are FAR more important than a pet. I did all I could as a responsible pet owner to train him and care for him as I should and I was so sad to let him go. It was a good thing I did though. Because when Danny found out what he had done he said, that had he been home he would have killed the dog then and there to protect my family and his (since he was living with me at the time), little brothers are awesome! But I'm so happy he has a good home and I occasionally get emails with Pictures on how my little GIANT is doing. So.....no we didn't get rid of our dog because he was too hard to care for..but because he needed a different home and my kids come first.....so...back to my puppy....

UM ...SHE'S TOO FREAKING CUTE!!!!! YAY for 6 week old Cupcake!!! wooot woot!

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Kristycroft said...

your puppy is super cute, your freaking retarded getting a boxer, hyper, member I had an idiot ex that had one, still does I think, so now its what Charlie, Penny, Jupiter, and cheesecake. Hope she pans out. Mucho love