Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Years pictures

I know I am a these, I've been busy making a second blog to help me unite the wives of Jon's team members. It's been fun but I noticed I was neglecting our family blog too.

New years was fun. I hadn't made any plans and to be honest I was planning on acting like it was just any other day and get the kids off to bed at a reasonable hour and catch up on my sleep after the wild holiday week. At the last minutes Amy called and told me I was to host the new years eve party at my I wouldn't be alone. lol..It was sweet. I did however have to run out and get food for an all nighter for 8 people.

We munched, and the kids all took turns playing the xbox, while Mom, Amy, and David Lee and I played phase ten, and did a puzzle. At midnight we had some sparkleing cider for drinks, and went out and did streamers and poppers. Since it was so bitter cold we stood in my garage and shot them out the the kids loved it. ....I didn't so much love the mess the next morning but My Mom sweetly helped out. Amy and her boys all crashed on the air matress and couches my living room, Mom took Codys bottom bunk so she could have a "sleep over" with Mikey and Cody slept with me. Matthew was so tired when he went down he woke up over and over crying becuase he was so tired he didn't know what to do with was so cute.

Well...that in a nutshell was our WILD new years! I didn't get a chance to talk to Jon on the phone an the boys were so dissappointed they couldn't share the day with him but we took pictures to show him!! So enjoy!.....


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