Friday, January 25, 2008

My 8 year old!!!!!!!

Can you believe that he is *8*???????!?!?!?!?!!?!!? I can't! It blows my mind! He's such an amazing kid! Mikey turned 8 on the 21st. We had a little "family" party. I find them so much nicer than having a house full of 7-9 year olds going nuts. It was so fun. This year he kept changing his mind on what he wanted for his birthday, he couldn't really stick to what he was asking for, it changed every 2 minutes, so Jon and I thought a Walmart gift card would be fun, and He loved the idea! He got to carry it around the store while looking at toys and trying to add them up differently to get as close to his $30.00 limit. It was neat to see his brain working, picking out toys, prioritizing them, and putting other back until he got just the correct combination. He picked out a nerf gun that makes a hideous buzzsaw giant bionicle that I helped him make, and a board game combo of Battle Ship and Connect Four. We then went to the bakery department and he could either A) pick a cake mix that I would make with him B) let Cody and Matthew and I pick one out to surprise him with and make or C) pick a premade cake from the bakery.....he saw Scoobey doo and went nuts! So he got a cake and then picked out Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with hot fudge a combo! But it was pretty good. He is just such a sweetie! He was shooting his nerf gun around the house and one of the balls went astray and hit the cake....can you tell from the picture of his face "DOH!" and then I turned the cake to myself and took a picture of it. Mom took the ball off the cake the wash and and attacked Mikey with the bright blue and green frosting. He really got a giggle out of that. The first picture was after he went sledding that morning and was WORN out! A cup of hot Cocoa and some marshmallows fully rejuvenated him for his party later

I have an amazing boy in this one! He is so smart, and is very emotional, he loves everyone so much! He has a very gentle spirit. My Amazing 8 year old Mikey!!!!


The Bunnell Fam said...

I seriously can't believe he is eight! That is crazy! He is so slender and tall! What a change from that little cuddly chunk he was when he was a baby! It seems like yesterday! Did you want to cry?

Hanna Terrill said...

Is he your oldest Rachel? I can't believe you have an eight year old. How has life been? Aren't you ion Cloverdale near Sharla?


tamra said...

Wow! 8-years-old! Pretty amazing! HappyBirthday!

HOWARD'S said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!