Thursday, December 27, 2007

ok, this blog is mostly for Jon. His connection over there is so slow that he can't seem to open the files I send and so I am loading the little video on here for him. So...the video is of Matthew, normaly he sings "Silent Night" right along with me, but he knew the camera was rolling it turned into a funny tickle time. I thought Jon would love to hear his laugh!
there are a lot of pics on here so here we go.
Matty with a bandaid on his belly button becuase it was owie...he then threw up...mmmm fun~there are some of the kids and oma practicing how to be asleep when santa comes, and danny using a nose hair trimmer i got him that looks like a finger..
other than that they are just self explanitory,


Anonymous said...

I think your dog is about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen....almost makes me want one and I'm not a big indoor pet fan.

Also, the bulbs in your window. Did you make those? Are they hanging from the rod or something, I can't tell but I LOVE them and I want to do that next year!

Love, Riv


Jupiter is a freaking awesome dog, he can be really intimidating which I love since Jon is gone so often, makes me feel safe knowing my 150 lbs dog is sleeping right outside my bedroom door! he seems scarey but he's such a wimp! and I didn't make the bulbs I just bought some cute ones and used jewlery wire to hang them from the curtian rods partly straight and partly curled around my finger a little. Can anyone view the video? Jon said he can't.