Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Pj's

Each year on Christmas eve we allow the kids to open on gift. Magically it always ends up being a new pair of pajamas. Now how does that happen I wonder?? lol Smart Mommy! My parents did that each year for us, and this way our kids look adorable in all the Christmas morning pictures! This year, with the boy's going to Jon's for Christmas break ment that they needed to be able to open those on the 19th before Dad came to get them. Believe me, them leaving....KILLED me. I cried....oooooh, only a bit! Ha ha, come on, Momma's pregnant, those hormones are ever present, (I waited to cry until they were gone

Michael got a pair of Spider Man pj's, Cody got G.I. Joe (which Matty calls, Gee-ji- joe, which I LOVE!), and Matty got Toy story pj's! They all loved their jammies, and hated having to leave the mountain of gifts unopened under our mini tree to go to Dad's but they will still get to open their gifts January 2nd when they come home. Matty was very excited to go one minute and the next crying about leaving Mommy and Matt for Christmas. Separate households is....hard to say the least. Matty laid by the screen door in his pj's and coat waiting for Dad to get there. I am so glad they do have a Father in their lives who wants to be there for them and that they are happy to spend time with him, but my selfish little heart misses them ever so much. ~Sigh~

We also purchased some awesome yard sale finds, Matty showed them off in pictures for us, Vanna White style but so far the picture uploader isnt' working for me.
He's super excited about his baby Aidan coming soon and loves showing off his baby brother's things. $3.00 and we got 3 baby blankets (brand new oshkosh) and the aquarium play tunnel. I'm usually really picky about yard sale finds, if it doesn't look or smell clean I just can't bring myself to buy them and fortunately this woman had taken care of her things, washed them all and they were SPOTLESS and my little OCD heart was able to submit and let me buy them..YIPPEE!

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