Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Choir and School Christmas programs.

In December Michael's school choir had 4 performances. He was so proud of himself and his choir. It's so nice to see him really flourish with this group. He absolutely loves to sing and being in choir is his favorite part of school right now. They had one performance at a local Baptist church with a VERY charismatic pastor. It was televised and we are still waiting for the DVD that they are making for the families. During the performance Cody about peed himself laughing. He's used to church services being more......quiet I suppose, and all the yelling and very boisterous preaching from the pastor had Cody rolling. It was quite a feat to get him to sit still. Michael was so proud of himself. During an intermission the Pastor asked if any of the kids wanted to have a solo and whose hand shot up 1st? Michael's! He sang "I am a child of God", it was TOO cute! He got some of the lyrics wrong but it was so sweet and I was so proud that he had no fear! His choir also preformed at the mall in Alexandria the next Saturday, and they were ever so cute! Two more performances at his school during lunch time for the 3rd and 4th grades to round out the holiday season performances. The video's are from the Mall.

Michael baby we are so proud of you!

Matty's pre-k class put on a holiday program as well. It was ADORABLE! As you can see they were dressed up as little Rudolph the red nosed reindeer's and it was too cute!
Cody's class unfortunately didn't do any extra holiday things. They did however have the token Christmas party and his teacher was sweet and sent home goodie bags and hot chocolate mugs for each kid so he felt special.

Also Santa letters came for the boy's and they were very excited! Aren't they cute!!! Yes I know the video is a tad

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The Bunnell Fam said...

WOW! I was behind on my reading! I need a reminder every now and then to check your blog for updates! I get bad at the private ones! Your kids have grown so much...especially Matthew! Love the top pic too! You look beautiful like always!