Monday, November 2, 2009

Swine Flu is AWESOME

In September the kids and I were ever so lucky as to get the H1N1 flu. Man oh man will that KNOCK ya down! Seasonal flu and Swine flu are so prevalent here that the Army has implemented measures to keep the spread of the creepy crawlies to a minimum by having a "Drive through flu clinic" No, I'm not kidding. I suppose I see the reasoning, and yet, you are asking people to roll down their windows and leave car doors open in the morning chill while you or the children in question have fever and what not, and are examined in the breeze for all to see, hacking up their lungs and vomitting. lol Goodness I wish I had taken a picture of the awesomeness that was some one's brainchild. haha. Little Soldier flagging you down and waving you through the tent poles and smiling at you all friendly, when all you want to do is mow the poor sucker down because you have 3 sick kids, are sick yourself, and haven't slept in Or maybe that's just my violent tendencies after no sleep and no break. Matt was lucky enough to escape our bout with the crud by being in the Field for training nearly the entire time, so I had to do it all on a hope and a prayer. Hey man, great diet even for pregnant ladies....ya just do't want to/ can not eat.....thus I lost 8lbs. wohoo! I need it to come back AFTER we have Aidan to assist in my rear end shrinkage! JK!
Thank heavens for take out, Tylenol, Disney channel, and online kids games or we might not have our sanity left after that!

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