Thursday, April 2, 2009

Army Tornado Warning Procedures weren't meant to be this funny!

I had a really good giggle at one of Matt's newest letters and I decided to share it with you all. Sit're being privileged. jk. Now even though Matt and his platoon are now in Black phase (which means more privileges) they have yet to earn any privileges. Thus their schedule is just as rigorous and pyhsicaly demanding as Red phase was. Something that hasn't changed unfortunatly is the shower routine. They all line up in the hallway in their pt shorts and nothing else clutching ( I assume) their hygiene bags and wait their turn for their 90 second showers. So picture men waiting in line, some in the showers all soapy (wait don't picture that too much!) and some trying to get dressed as.... WHOOP WHOOOOOP WHOOOOOPPPP, the good old tornado warning sirens blare. Now the Army is huge on procedure, and Drill Sgt.s are Meticulous about it so despite their unclothed, wet or semi cladness they were required to run and shut all the windows and doors and hunker down in the hallways. I cracked up at the visual of men running willy nilly trying to get on their shorts, or cover their wobbly bits, covered in soap, running to close up and sitting there in the hall for who knows how long until it cleared while soap dried on them and they got I'm sorry , now that's just good and funny. Especially since the tornado's didn't touch down near them and it was all for nothing...BBWWHAHAHAHA The Army's tornado warning procedures really weren't meant to be this
On another note Matt did earn an hour pass last Sunday and spent almost 30 minutes of it on the phone to me. It was a blissfull phone call where nothing was rushed and we actualy got to talk and shoot the breeze. YAY I'm thinking I will be likeing black and gold phase MUCHO!

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jojo said...

LoL oh that would have been a site to see.... and im glad you got to talk to Matt for a while hun...