Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be Attitudes

Mikey had a great school performance yesterday where all the 2nd graders got to sing songs they had been practicing since the beginning of the school year on the different ways to be a good citizen, it was super cute and he has been SOOOOOOOOOOO excited. He had a special job jumping rope during one number (yeah, I didn't get it either until I realized the three jumping rope were the squirmiest of the bunch and the music teacher likely had them doing so to keep them busy) and in two other numbers played the (G) on the "boom whackers" to The I will explain what a boom whacker is, it's a long plastic tube cut down to size that when WHACKED makes a sound close to a musical note. He was soooooooo proud. The musical number below, Mikey is in the front row on the left, khaki es and red shirt with navy vest.
Afterward he also gave Jon a little shout a cutie! Unfortunately you can hear my in the back ground making comments, attempting to offer to video a fellow parents child as her battery died, and telling Jon little things

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