Monday, June 15, 2009

Late Birthday Post. CODY'S 8!!

I have been a very naughty Momma lately...well...busy is a better word. My little Cody bear turned 8 last week! He's too cute! I love and hate seeing him grow up. He's really funny and smart and artistic and very cuddly if you'll let him be. On Cody's birthday we had plans to go to "Paint and Party" and cute little shop where the kids can paint plaster pieces or ceramics and have cake and ice cream and so on while they dry and then gets to bring them home. However on his actual birth date the shop was closed due to a family emergency so we had to postpone that portion of it. We did end up going as a family this past weekend and had a blast. Even Matt painted a ceramic piece. It's really very therapeutic!
He got to go out to dinner and he chose The Wagon Master which is basically a cheap rip off of Texas Roadhouse but it's good. He also had picked out an Monster's Vs. Alien's cake which we shared with our awesome friends the Kilgore's, and then he played to his heart's content outside until almost 11pm with all the neighborhood kids while the adults sat out watching them, while we were eaten by mosquito's. ah I love Louisiana. lol.

One of the gifts he begged for was a Terminator Mask........And of course ALL the KIDS had to try it on.....including my sexy you can see....from the video...singing..."I'm too sexy for my shirt...." in the Terminators only he had used an Austrian Matt is going to KILL me for putting it on here but I don't care...I crack up every time I watch it so it's worth If you don't hear from me for a few weeks I may be grounded from blogging privelages..hehe.
All in all it was a fun birthday and he was a great sport about having to postpone portions of it! Happy birthday Cody Bear! I love you!

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Katie Lee said...

happy birthday cody! hahahaha... that clip is hilarious! I can never catch my hubby on camera... once it's on, he stops anything he's doing!