Sunday, December 7, 2008

St. Nickolaus Tag

December 6th is St. Nicholas day. It's something my Mother andSt. NickFather celebrated with us as we grew up in Germany. I blogged about it last year a bit but after a lot of friends once again asking me what it was all you go.

Do any of you know what google is for?? JK!!

Basically each year we let the boys put their boot outside the door, if we have it on hand, leave carrots, and when they wake up the morning of the 6th, you find candy, fruit, and little toys if you have been good, or switches and lumps of coal if you've been naughty. My Mom and Dad used to slip just one switch into our boots for good
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The kids of course are in high fructose Euphoria all day! We celebrated a tad early this year and let them get their boots the morning of the 5th since Jon gets them on the weekends and I wanted to make sure I got to see their reactions! St. Nick is Even kind enough to write each boy a letter.. last years letters bore warnings of no Christmas, since St. Nick is best friends with believed it....even Cody remembered his letter from last year reminding him to be good or ELSE! lol this year each letter told them how proud "St. Nick" was of their progress on reading, and school work, what good kids they are and little things they could work on. They loved them! Matthew walked around saying "I eat my Ho HO trick or treats" lol..

I even made a "boot", actually a stocking, for Jon and took it over too his apartment all stealth style. I know I know...I'm trying.

Mikey and Cody had a little tiff in the all children tend to do but hey...this isn't Hollywood...this is REAL

This is a picture of my GOOORRRRGEOUS Husband Matt, he was having me take a few pictures in uniform for Aislinn (Matt's Daughter, my step Daughter...YAY I have a step Daughter!! hehe) and I couldn't stand how cute he looked...lolPhotobucket what a Doll huh!
Matty loves " HO HO " as he lovingly calls Santa, and who doesn't love a good "Bubble" picture! BA HUMBUG on you if you don't at least grin at a 3 year old in a tub with the Santa beard that is a right of passage for all of us! lol
While Jon had the boys this weekend we were all going to meet up during the Christmas Parade of Lights....but..of course there were some logistical difficulties and he was over a miles walk from where Matt and I ended up being so we weren't able to sit together and get pictures...The parade..while bright and colorful was rather slow starting and and without kids to enjoy it with we left early. Man it gets cold..even here!PhotobucketPhotobucket
opps...look I put a vanity picture in...cause yanno what...somedays...I think I look YAY for good hair days!Photobucket
After the parade we ran into some neighbors who happened to moving out and needed a hand so Matt and I hopped right in there to help....him with lifting...and me with keeping the girlfriend company ....hey..we all have to do our part right! lol. To thank us they took us out to eat at Applebees and then we all went to a late night movie to see "Twilight" for the 2nd time. I liked it enough that I wasn't bored even though it was the 2nd time we've seen it. YAY we had Comp tickets so it was free...why was it free you ask....ahhh let me tell you.... Because we had to suffer ever so while we watched...AUSTRALIA.......OMG.....After the first 15 minutes Matt and I were making pleading looks at one another begging the other to end the pain! I wanted to gnaw off a limb for lack of something better to do. I know many of you have seen "Moulin Rouge" and LOVED it's quirky, opium hazed you really expect that when watching "Australia"??? I mean..WOW...I knew Baz Luhrmann was directing it and all, and that he had directed "Moulin Rouge" but...........(insert crickett sound effect here). Matt and I were literally the only ones in the theater under 60 who didn't get up and leave in the 1st 20 mins. Hey..even the Senior citizens were leaving! NOT a good sign. The cast...fantastic, the music..pretty good, the acting...really not that bad...some how NONE of it meshed. There was a strange singing, magical aboriginal boy, cattle baron's a weird drunk man, HORRIBLE cliche lines right, left and center, and coo coo photography. Heck even the war portions of the movie didn't come in until the last 15-20 minutes, so don't be jaded into thinking it's some epic war movie. I was UBER disappointed as was Matt..and ummm everyone in that theater. They got so many complaints everyone was issued a comp ticket. Sad day...thats three hours of my youth I'll never get back!
So basically that was our week. Candy/holiday traditions, lame Christmas parade, helping move and having adult company ..YAY, and a crap
Below are some goofy pictures of the kids. When Jon dropped them off tonight they got all coo-coo and started wearing stuffed monkeys on their heads....I think this is a sign they aren't getting enough "brain" foods...I feel the sudden urge to run and purchase fish and garden fresh greens in bulk ..jk.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Hope you all had a great week!....there Lisa (cousin..not mother in law Lisa) was
that enough blog-a-rificness for

Thursday, December 4, 2008


My cousin Lisa asked me what Rockabilly was and since she wasn't 100% on what it was I thought I'd add this little site.

It's a cute little article that hits on the facts. Basically...I love the 40's and the 50's! I love the hair , the clothes, the romance, the CARS! But my style is a lot more laid back than some, I don't take it an extreme. I like punk hair and I like bright colors. I love Tattoo's and plan on hope everyone else likes em or can pretend like they aren't bothered by them...because I won't care either way if you do or don' I frankly it's a love of the 40s and 50's with all the newness of the punk culture and women's rights act all rolled into .... so ..think...Betty Paige covered in tattoo's driving a vintage car and not being "costumey". Think..."GREASE" lol. Think..modern day pinup girls with crazy colored hair and tattoos! Now I'm not that bad, but I've always worshipped at the house of Elvis and John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Paige. I'd like to think I'm stuck somewhere between the loveable kookiness of Doris Day and the sexy darkness of Betty Paige......ya right! lol It's just something we love...the whole lifestyle. I love that it's back in fashion..because if I could have walked around in a poodle skirt all through high school and have it been acceptable I would have rocked that! I never really had the confidence to just DO it! Man high school is a cruel cruel place to try a nd try out a whole new "look"! I do have the confidence
oi....I ramble! But that's it in a nutshell.